Strengthening the passive defense of power grid telecommunication systems using portable microwaves

Strengthening each of the passive defense measures in the power network telecommunication system will increase the availability and security of the telecommunication system and subsequently improve the security and reliability indicators of the power network. In this article, using reliability analysis methods, a structure for computational analysis and introduction of passive defense indicators of the power grid is presented. Then, by presenting a new framework in the network reliability analysis, in which the dependence of the accessibility of the power network elements on the telecommunication system is taken into account, the effect of strengthening the passive defense of the telecommunication system on the passive defense of the power network has been analyzed.

By using analysis, the effect of using portable microwave on strengthening the passive defense of the power grid, and with the help of analysis of different methods, this method is presented to prioritize the launch of portable microwave for network components in critical situations.

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