Providing a practical solution to improve the automation system of distribution posts with the criterion of increasing reliability

In recent decades, the use of automation systems in the field of electricity industry and especially at the level of distribution has received significant attention. In the meantime, the importance of modernizing the automation of distribution substations as an important link in Iran’s electricity network is felt more than in the past. Due to the vastness of the provinces of our country, the distribution posts are widely scattered in the geographical area. On the other hand, the radial structure of distribution systems has made its accessibility more difficult compared to production and transmission systems.

Therefore, a plan to increase reliability with a local visibility approach is felt in order to troubleshoot and check the accuracy of information with easy access and use for the employees of these posts. For this purpose, in this article, a plan is presented using remote terminals for distribution systems with a combination of DNP3 and Modbus RTU protocols. This plan reduces the average number of system outages (SAIFI) and the average outage time (SAIDI). This method has been tested and applied on a trial basis in one of the distribution posts of Mashhad, which is one of the vast provinces of Iran.

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