Native automation of Shiraz University distribution substation in 3 stages of retrofit with simultaneous application of IEC101, Modbus, IEC61850 standards

The gradual upgrading of native as the best solution to move towards the complete automation of the country’s power grid has been studied in this article in the main analysis of a practical project. The mentioned project was implemented in the above distribution substation of Shiraz University with the retrofit method and in 3 stages. In the first stages, the data and control addresses of the RTU in the substation while communicating with the dispatching center with the IEC101 standard are at the disposal of Moj Niro company’s native automation software (PAYA). -SAS) is placed.

In the second stage, the Modbus network connected to the native measuring devices and protective relays is added to the software and their information is processed next to the RTU, and in the final stage, the two remote IEDs in the post with the IEC61850 standard, together with the other two standards of their data provided to the software and are under its control. After achieving the desired stability and reliability parameters, this project is ready to implement higher stages of retrofit, which can be used as a case study.

An example was analyzed in the localization of power grid automation. For this purpose, in this article, a full description of the technical details of the mentioned project and how to implement and exploit it along with some of the technical and management analyzes of the system is given.

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