Integration of existing SCADA database with power network analysis software

Due to the ever-increasing growth of electricity consumption and high dependence on this strategic product, the importance of quality and reliability in the continuous electricity network is increasing. Continuous power networks are becoming more complex, as a result SCADA system and network management must become more efficient than before. Having the ability to analyze networks with the SCADA system to observe network changes when situations change, such as keying, can prevent the occurrence of unforeseen events. SCADA system integration with network analysis software can be used as a method to continuously analyze the network situation and make decisions based on the results of these analyses.

What has been done in this article is the review of existing power network analysis software based on the level of access and how they connect with the SCADA system database, and the design of a sample distribution network with the ability to communicate between the SCADA system and Matlab Simulink, as well as the design of a system with the ability to simulate previous dispatcher commands. Commanding in the SCADA system is the first native dispatch simulator (DTS) system.

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