FAT test of Moj Niro’s native post automation software (PAYA-SAS)

FAT testing of PAYA-SAS knowledge-based software for installation in Mahyar 230/63/20 kV station with the presence of respected representatives of the project employer (Isfahan Regional Electricity Company), the project contractor (Parsian High Voltage Substation Development Company) and the project consultant (Consulting Company Niroo) was successfully performed in the DCS Modje Niroo laboratory.
In this test, the control and protection equipment of a 230/63 kV B-trans and a 20 kV feeder were tested and examined, which includes the following communication protocols:

• IEC61850 protocol for communication with Siemens relays (siprotec5)
• Modbus protocol to communicate with measuring equipment
• IEC 60870-5-103 protocol for communication with 20 kV protective relays manufactured by Axor Azma company
• IEC 60870-5-101-104 protocol for communication link with RTU

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