A simultaneous method for state estimation and identification of wrong data in power systems

In this article, a new method is presented for simultaneous state estimation and inappropriate data detection. The presence of inappropriate information may occur for various reasons, such as disconnection of the communication channel, mistake of the technician in installing the transducer, lack of correct calibration of the transducer, etc. The format of state estimation methods either lacks an algorithm to detect wrong information, or the process of identifying wrong information is realized in several steps.

In the proposed method, the correct data passing rate is considered as the objective function, and the state estimation algorithm, unlike most of the existing methods, is realized by maximizing this function. The output of this optimization is the estimation of network states and the introduction of wrong information of the studied power system. The proposed method is applied on a 5-bass power system and compared with the well-known weighted sum of least squares method. The results have proven the superiority of the proposed method.

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