The research and development affairs of Moj Niro company started to operate since 2009 and the main purpose of its creation was research and development of hardware and software products used in dispatching, telecommunications and automation. During more than a decade of its activity, the R&D unit has succeeded in producing SCADA software called Paya SCADA and substation automation software called PAYA SAS, which are currently being used and operated in several control centers and electrical substations in the country. The identification and development of new products in the field of automation and dispatching has always been on the agenda of these affairs and in recent years it has been able to add intelligent tunnel management software, boiler efficiency management, asset management and management dashboard to the portfolio of reliable software products.

In the hardware part of these affairs, it has succeeded in designing and manufacturing the products required by the dispatching and automation industry, including all types of transducers, FSK, Y-Switch and RTU modems.

The research and development affairs of Moj Niro company, in addition to the research and development of products, has the task of creating knowledge and knowledge of new fields for entry and investment, and acts as the scientific and research core of the company in setting goals and directing the company’s activities. The result of this issue is the creation of scientific and specialized documents and the publication of articles in the working areas of the company.