Name: Iman Nikravesh Raavari

Position: Vice President of Financial Support

Description of the activity of the deputy

– Supervision and control of the cash balance and positive documents of the company’s employees

– Organizing the new financial affairs of the company in the field of granting facilities – investment – following up on claims and creating transparency in the accounts between the company and its affiliated and subsidiary companies

– Preparation and adjustment of financial reports, including annual and interim financial statements

– Monitoring and handling and approval of financial activities based on accounting standards

– Monitoring the company’s liquidity situation and ensuring debt repayment

– Monitoring the good implementation of current and capital expenses

– Supervision of good tax calculations and preparation of tax reports

– Supervision of warehousing operations

– Preparing and arranging minutes of meetings and holding meetings

– Monitoring the company’s revenue collection

– Follow up and monitor the implementation of employee rights

– Issuance of demand and debt approval

– Supervising the maintenance of the company’s property

– Participation in the preparation of the annual budget

– Preparation and regulation of financial regulations