Name: Hossein Salem Baghi

Position: Assistant for maintenance and repairs

Description of the activity of the deputy

Maintenance and repairs of the dispatching and telecommunications department of all power plants in the country, including thermal, wind and photovoltaic power plants.
Maintenance and repairs of dispatching and telecommunications transmission, super distribution and distribution networks in most of the country’s electricity regions
Installation and implementation of telecommunications and telemetry systems of power plants and substations in regional electricity and other industries Cooperating with distributed generation power plants for the purpose of consulting, installation and implementation in the field of telecommunication-telemetry, as well as speeding up obtaining approval from the country’s regional electricity companies.
Implementation of a new template plan for the management of Iran’s electricity network
Technical support of fiber optic networks
Technical support for PLC systems and teleprotection equipment
Technical support of telephone, radio and wireless communication equipment
Technical support of measurement equipment, PLC and RTU remote terminals
Technical support of power supplies, chargers and batteries