introduction of a company

Modje Niroo Company was established in 1371 with the aim of providing maintenance and repair services for telecommunication and telemetry systems of Iran’s National Electricity Dispatching Centers and the country’s regional electricity dispatching centers. This company has developed its activities over the years as one of the active contracting companies in the field of telecommunications, dispatching and SCADA in the electricity industry (production, transmission, distribution and dispatching) and currently has the ability to provide services including design, supply, production , installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair (NET) as EPC of all telecommunication, dispatching, SCADA and industrial automation projects in various industries such as: steel, cement, oil and gas, petrochemical, water and rail transport industries

In line with the localization of equipment, this company is known as a knowledge-based company by designing and producing its native products, including Paya SCADA software, Paya post automation software, Line Trap, LMU and FSK modems.

Among the bright and annual records of this company, it is possible to maintain and repair the telemetry and telecommunication systems of power plants of the Iran Electric Network Management Company (IGMC), substations of regional electricity companies (REC) throughout the country, as well as the maintenance and repair of the control center. IGMC pointed out

The overall strategy of Force Wave

– Maintenance and repair services of telecommunication, dispatching, automation and intelligent systems

– Implementation of the project as an EPC in the fields of automation, dispatching, intelligentization and industrial telecommunications

– Design and development of monitoring and control software, especially dispatching software and management dashboards.

– Design, production and development of telemetry, dispatching and telecommunication hardware equipment

– Providing telemetry, dispatching and telecommunications equipment from reputable brands