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About Modejniroo 

Modje Niroo Company (MNC) was established in 1992 as a result of government privatization policy. 

MNC has employed highly educated and experienced engineers in the telecommunication and SCADA field. Modje Niroo is an EPC contractor and Manufacturer in the following areas:

·         SCADA systems especially in power grid

·         Telecommunication systems including radio, microwave, PLC and fiber optic systems

·         Capacitor Banks, industrial power filters and reactors

·         Internet and Information Technologies (IT)

During more than 25 years of experiences based on taking over of many EPC projects, we introduced a successful company in SCADA and telecommunication fields particularly in power industries. Now Modje Niroo Company is ready to provide different solutions and services in power, oil, gas and other industries.




•    PLC (Power Line Carrier)
o    Design and manufacturing of PLC & TPS systems.
o    Design and consultation in PLC networks.
o    Design and operation and maintenance of PLC systems.
o    Design, operation, and maintenance of Teleportation.
o    Design, manufacture, installation and operation of Line Trap, LMU, CVT, RCU, LTE.
•    Telephone and Switch centers:
o    Repair and maintenance of digital telephone centers: PCX, IP – PBX, PBX.
o    Reparation and maintenance of switch and control centers.
o    Installation and operation of digital telephone centers and control centers.
o    Design and engineering of switch networks, network and control centers.
•    Microwave Radios:
o    Design and engineering of networks and microwave radio systems.
o    Reparation and maintenance of Analog and Digital microwave systems.
o    Equipment provision, installation and operation of Indoor & Outdoor microwave radio communication equipment.
o    Design and production of voice & video transmission microwave links.
•    VHF and UHF radios:
o    Design, manufacture, productions of single- channel, VHF radio.
o    Design, manufacture, productions of 4- channel UHF radio.
o    Design, operation, equipment, provision of VHF and UHF radio networks.
o    Installation and operation of portable and stable wireless systems.
o    Maintenance and repair of portable and stable wireless systems.
o    Design and installation of all types of communication towers.
•    Optical fiber systems:
o    Design, equipment provision and implementation of optical fiber communication networks.
o    Design, provision, installation of PDH and SDH optical fiber systems.
o    Installation and operation of optical system equipment's.
o    Implementation, test and operation of optical fiber lines including: ADSS, OPGW and
o    Work shop supervision, equipment provision and engineering services in optical fiber links: OPGW, ADSS and underground cables.



Telemetry & SCADA (System control and data acquisition):
•    Design, installation, network implementation of telemetry and dispatching systems in power, gas, water, oil, metro, railways industries.
•    Maintenance and engineering services for sub-transmission dispatching centers and energy transmission.
•    Designing and manufacturing RTU’s (Remote Terminal Unit) for dispatching centers and SCADA and network management software.
•    Design, installation, operation of Marshalling racks and HVI.
•    Design, installation, operation of dispatching centers.
•    Consultation in dispatching projects, SCADA and network management.



•    Design and manufacturing of RTUs.
•    Design and manufacturing of data Modems.
•    Design and manufacturing of protocol convertors and Gateways.
•    Design, implementation and provision of network control software, dispatching and AMR.
•    Automation and dispatching projects implementation including: executable plan assessment, finalization, factory and point to point tests, presentation, installation and operation of equipment.
•    Design and manufacturing of Watt,VAR, Single and 3 phase, voltage and transducers, and OLTC tap position transducers.
•    Design, installation and operation of automation centers and power, water, gas, oil, metro, railway dispatching.




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