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Different types of SAE RTUs

net-line FW-5


Compact and cost-effective

The net-line FW-5 is the expandable small-scale station of the high-performance series5 product family. The extremely compact bay station controller for DIN-rail mounting comprises all the components that a high-performance telecontrol and automation system needs for monitoring, control, logging and transmission. 

It is designed to assume the tasks of many different small applications with its own capacity.


Configuration and commissioning

In conjunction with the configuration software setIT, the FW-5 sets the standards for intuitive project configuration and fast commissioning. A series of further features such as configuration by Bluetooth®, USB memory stick and SD card, and the option of PLC programming (with the aid of the codeIT programming application) demonstrates our focus on user-friendliness.

Fields of use

There are very many different possibilities for using the FW-5. Its powerful CPU, the capability for modular expansion, high level of interference immunity and not least the ease of combination with external components allow flexible use in numerous fields of application
The net-line FW-5 can generally be used in the following fields:


  • as a station and bay controller in medium-voltage and high-voltage switching stations with bay and power system control technology
  • as a monitoring and control device in utilities and waste disposal operations and in industry
  • as a monitoring and control device in gas pressure regulator stations and block valve stations
  • as a data acquisition and communication system in transport and infrastructure applications

A focus on renewable energies

Particular emphasis for the use of the FW-5 is currently placed on applications arising from the regulations of the German Renewable Energies Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG). This includes in particular feed-in management for generating stations according to EEG § 6 Paragraph 1, the direct marketing of sustainably generated energy according to EEG § 17, and as a result congestion management for local network stations.

FW-5 Catalog:  PDF File


net-line FW-5-GATE


Compact and smart

In order to offer more communication possibilities in an even smaller space, integrated inputs/outputs have been omitted. The FW-5-GATE can of course also be supplemented with expansion modules and interface modules. 
It offers cost-effective solutions for intelligent secondary distribution networks and smart metering through further interfaces with SML/SyM² meter integration, among others. An integrated temperature sensor measures the station temperature, which can be used e.g. for overload checks on a transformer.


The FW-5-GATE is equipped with additional interfaces for coupling external components to form intelligent networks. As with all the devices of the series5 series of products, the connection to the control centre can be made by many communication routes and protocols directly or with telecontrol interfaces, backed up with redundant systems if required.
Local meter integration is made via a second LAN connection with SML protocol or via the additional serial interface with IEC 62056-21 protocol. In the CL variant S0 meter pulse detection can also be used.


Typical fields of use

  • Intelligent secondary unit substation with integration of earth fault/short circuit indicators, network analysis systems and protective devices
  • Smart meter integration in energy management systems and remote meter reading control centres
  • Intelligent measurement point for wide range regulation in distribution networks
  • Field device in transformer substations with protection device coupling
  • Monitoring of media and infrastructure systems in pipelines

Plug & Play solutions

On demand, a FW-5-GATE may be delivered as a plug & play prepared solution. We individually assemble compontens and cabinets on your demand and functionality, ready-made for a quick set-up. Aside the RTU the set regularly consists all required devices such as communication modems, UPS, relay, terminals and so on. The devices are usually mounted in cabinets from Rittal or Eaton.

FW-5-GATE Catalog:  RGU300 PDF File

net-line FW-5-GATE-4G

Powerful micro RTU for applications with intensive communication skills

The comprehensive monitoring and control of supply networks and other large infrastructures is not economically viable without a mobile radio connection. The net-line FW-5-GATE-4G brings together powerful telecontrol technology based on the latest series5e generation of CPUs with an LTE model for fl exible mobile radio connection. As with all FW-5 series remote terminal units, the FW-5-GATE-4G can be Extended with I/O extension boards and interface modules in top-hat assembly. This makes it easy to implement compact telecontrol systems with the exact required capacity.

The safe Connection

The FW-5-GATE-4G allows for a high degree of IT security according to the requirements of the BDEW whitepaper and BSI recommendations. It is based on the new series5e CPU generation. Thanks to the processor speed of 1200 MIPS it has enough power; also with respect to future challenges. The improved performance in particular has a positive impact on network communication via IEC 61850 and process point treatment according to IEC 60870-5-10x standards. The overall system was based on a modern Linux kernel which allows greater flexibility for continuous improvement, especially in terms of IT security.

FW-5-GATE-4G - All in one: Telecontrol unit, router, gateway and modem

The parameterisation software setIT provides quick commissioning and high compatibility with telecontrol systems. Thanks to full configuration of all components of the FW-5-GATE-4G device in setIT, there is no need to integrate or adapt an external modem, which can be time-consuming. Up to 8 VPN tunnels with end-to-end-encryption can be set up from the station. In addition, all available information from the mobile radio module can be used in the setIT diagnostics functions.

Typical application areas

  • Intelligent local network stations with integration of power measurement devices, ground-/short circuit indicators, network analysis systems and protective equipment
  • Feed-in management in renewable energy plants
  • Control box for direct marketing and control energy
  • Intelligent measurement point for wide range regulation in distribution networks
  • Monitoring of media and infrastructure systems in pipelines
  • Controls for street lighting
  • Merging virtual power stations using VHPready

series5e IT security

series5e technology allows for comprehensive IT-Security measures as required in the current requirement profiles of the BDEW whitepaper and BSI recommendations. Security is verified using audits from renown consultants and offices backed up by periodical internal penetration tests.

FW-5 GATE-4G Catalog:  RGU300 PDF File



net-line FW-50


Versatile and powerful

The net-line FW-50 is a modular, universally usable telecontrol station, which can at the same time be used as a high-stability router (if required also with redundancy) for demanding communication and automation applications. 
Two separate network segments allow the control centre and process LANs to be decoupled.


High flexibility

With its plug-in I/O modules and interface modules with a high level of interference immunity, the FW-50 offers a great deal of flexibility. One advantage in this connection is the possibility of cost-efficient re-use of older SAE modules e.g. from the FW-10 and FW-40. Thanks to the three different sizes (S, M and L racks), the FW-50 can be used for a wide variety of applications, from small to very large capacity requirements./


For the implementation of particularly large capacities, several FW-50 units can be cascaded. In this case several racks are linked via an internal LAN and managed with a common station address (that is, treated like a single station). Stations having a few thousand inputs and outputs can be realised in this manner. The system can be installed easily in any infrastructure thanks to the variety of mounting options (top-hat rail, wall or rear wall mounting, use of 19" mounting brackets).

Configuration and commissioning

Convenience during project configuration and fast commissioning are outstanding features of the FW-50. This is mainly down to the configuration software setIT. The large number of configuration possibilities (Bluetooth®, USB memory stick, SD card) and the option of PLC programming (using codeIT) reinforce the user-friendliness of the system.

Fields of use

A series of powerful functional modules forms the basis of the numerous possibilities for using the FW-50. These include for example convenient cross-connection (of information between different telecontrol stations), as well as the integration of external components (for instance protective device coupling via IEC 61850 or IEC 60870-5-103).
The most common applications of the FW-50 include its use as


  • a station and bay controller in medium-voltage and high-voltage switching stations with bay and power system control technology
  • a monitoring and control device in utilities and waste disposal operations and in industry
  • a monitoring and control device in gas pressure regulator stations and block valve stations
  • a data acquisition and communication system in transport and infrastructure applications

A particular strength of FW-50 lies in the implementation of communication tasks with substations and control systems of many different manufacturers.

FW-50 Catalog:  RGU300 PDF File


net-line FW-5000


Expandable as required

The net-line FW-5000 is a powerful master station, which can be equipped with up to 20 serial interfaces as standard and provides three independent LAN segments.

As in the whole FW series, its telecontrol interfaces can be plugged conveniently and into the connection space of a 19" rack as required. For TCP/IP network connection, there are integrated SWI-1 switches with copper and FO.

Redundant master stations

FW-5000 systems allow use as redundant master stations. To this end, the telecontrol lines are parallel-connected on both master stations and configured line by line. In the event of a fault, the non-conducting station automatically takes over. All party-line-capable interfaces can be used to connect to the network directly. The V24-3 card is used for external modules. Its send signal can be set in tri-satet, so several master stations can be connected directly to the communication module by EIA/RS-232, without expensive T-couplers.

The FW-5000 as a local operator terminal of a station control system

The FW-5000 master station can be expanded to form a station control system and assume additional server functions, if an optional scalable dual-core processor is added. The dual-processor variant FW-5000-Server provides a complete PC environment in the rack. Furthermore, a 1.6 GHz atom processor with Windows-embedded standard operating system can be used to integrate server functions such as OPC server, on-site visualisation or even a complete local operator terminal of a station control system.

The server variant of the FW-5000 provides a further LAN network segment and the option of connecting two additional telecontrol interfaces. This makes a redundant link to control centre networks as well as the connection of other external components possible.

The FW-5000-Server is operated by means of the recessed touch screen FW-5000-touch. Many applications can be conveniently implemented directly on site, for instance diagnostics (by web server), configuration (with setIT) or evaluation of fault records from protective equipment (in Comtrade format; in DigiView from NSE AG or DIGSI® 4 from Siemens). A complete, industrially compatible work station is produced.


Typical fields of use

The net-line FW-5000 can generally be used as:

  • a station control device and local operator terminal in bay and power system control technology
  • a front end of compact control systems in utilities and waste disposal industries
  • a master station for industrial automation applications
  • a router for transport and infrastructure applications
  • an OPC server

FW-5000 Catalog:  RGU300 PDF File