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•    PLC (Power Line Carrier)
o    Design and manufacturing of PLC & TPS systems.
o    Design and consultation in PLC networks.
o    Design and operation and maintenance of PLC systems.
o    Design, operation, and maintenance of Teleportation.
o    Design, manufacture, installation and operation of Line Trap, LMU, CVT, RCU, LTE.
•    Telephone and Switch centers:
o    Repair and maintenance of digital telephone centers: PCX, IP – PBX, PBX.
o    Reparation and maintenance of switch and control centers.
o    Installation and operation of digital telephone centers and control centers.
o    Design and engineering of switch networks, network and control centers.
•    Microwave Radios:
o    Design and engineering of networks and microwave radio systems.
o    Reparation and maintenance of Analog and Digital microwave systems.
o    Equipment provision, installation and operation of Indoor & Outdoor microwave radio communication equipment.
o    Design and production of voice & video transmission microwave links.
•    VHF and UHF radios:
o    Design, manufacture, productions of single- channel, VHF radio.
o    Design, manufacture, productions of 4- channel UHF radio.
o    Design, operation, equipment, provision of VHF and UHF radio networks.
o    Installation and operation of portable and stable wireless systems.
o    Maintenance and repair of portable and stable wireless systems.
o    Design and installation of all types of communication towers.
•    Optical fiber systems:
o    Design, equipment provision and implementation of optical fiber communication networks.
o    Design, provision, installation of PDH and SDH optical fiber systems.
o    Installation and operation of optical system equipment's.
o    Implementation, test and operation of optical fiber lines including: ADSS, OPGW and
o    Work shop supervision, equipment provision and engineering services in optical fiber links: OPGW, ADSS and underground cables.